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In A World with little Charity, kindness, Acceptance, and Hate, Ikindness Network of Kind Peers & Resources. Email Support at Support@ikindness.com Or Business, Media, Promotional Inquiries, and Partner Email
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In A World with little Charity, kindness, Acceptance, and Hate, Ikindness Network of Kind Peers & Resources.

iKindness.com is a Site that helps people find resources to get help, and find a community of compassionate and caring peers! Post your Story today!
A community for people to find and get kindness and compassion in a world fill with terror, hate, Intolerance, and fraud! Although we can promise you will get the financial or legal assistance you need, we are brand new and just beginning so we hope people will join together offering services, assistance, and compassion! Please feel free to volunteer, offer assistants, cross promotions, collaboration's, suggestions, Ideas, and find financial resources to & From Members, Sponsorship's, and Ikind Angel awards!
iKindness.com is a Site that helps people find resources to get help with financial, legal, spiritual, GBLT, Advice, and a community of people that are kind caring and compassionate! My Dream for iKindness is to educate on intolerance/tolerance, special Resources, and a kind community offering support to each other in a world filled with hate, intolerance, cruelty, and Terror!
General Information
1 Winner Who Signs up, and a 5 extra entries for every Post of useful data, Facebook share & Like, Tweet referring. Auctions coming soon but collect as many as you can Now Because Entries earn after new setup games, sweeps and auction will have value 1-6 will drop, Only entries earn Now Keep value.

Facebook like entries before today count as 20 not 1 entry! Draw will be held last day of month and winner Announced 1st of July
We are also Adding 2nd place $50 Amazon Card and 3,4,5 places are $10 in Facebook gift cards
Terms subject to Change at anytime but no contest rules can be changed during contest!

*If you post a Random act of Kindness plus all other Set Ups You Will get 100 extra entry's plus guaranteed gift Valued at $20

Tablet Awarded June 30th Specs top of line...
GDIPPO M7 7 inch Tablet PC with Android 4.2 All Winner A20 Dual Core 1GHz 4GB Dual Cameras (White)
Retail $138.77 if Products unavailable you will get equal product but $10 Extra so Value then would be $148.77
Good Luck and Be Kind & Rack up Points cause never know when a free vacation, Car, Cash prizes.

Ikindness.com Daily News Paper http://buff.ly/124x646 Subscribe, like Ikindness On FB, Follow @ikindnessCom, Post Pictures, Videos, Stories and Random Act of Kindness 2B entered 2win $50 Amazon Card!
Awarded Oct 1 2013

Last Contest Is July, after than Site will be revamped. Thank you for your Patience.
Contest and Prizes from signup, posting resources to help your Local area, Games, Bloggers, And Every Month a New Ikind Angel Will Be Crowned which is someone devoted to kindness and has dedicated their life to help others or special story, ect!

Thank You
Founder Jason Garner

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Jason Garner

Am Advocate for tolerance, kindness, equality, and am Changing the World! Also Social Micro Loans helping people star home businesses, and all Members to Earn Interest at 15% could be extra few $100 + a month giving our members a second income as well as Divide loan between Multiple borrowers to lesson the Risk of loss!

Corona, Ca

Was Actor and Model who was Crippled by Equity Residential Luxury Apartments! I was 27 poisoned and had bad Bacterial infection for 9 months but could Walk near 2 years. I won in court but they over turned next Day cause I had to go to court house but I couldn't walk. I lost Everything including my brother and mother both to Suicide when I was 16, and state took baby Brother and lost him for 20 yrs, but Now we found each other and Om not along in the world!

I am still racking up med bills from equity incident but it and my Long lost Brother is why I started Ikindness. I was alone and crippled lost everything and couldn't even get or afford Lawyer to sue them in Reg court because I wasn't even able to get out of bed so I wanted to have a site of Kind & Good people and help each other! I do still further speak out against equity and maybe 1 Day they will do right thing and pay me atleast what I lost but should have been &10 million suet but thank Money will allow me to help 10s of thousand in Finanial distress and seeking help in matters too big; like me verse Equity Residential!

Also plan to rehabilitate Disabled people and get them in jobs they can Actually live on, not paycheck to paycheck, and off disability!
Everyone Deserves 2nd and 3rd chances and help every so often and the peers can help and Sponsors and eventually we will offer Social Funded Micro Loans for emergencies or New Business and everyone Who Invest will help few people to change their life and social Investors can Make15% interest at same time as chaining the world but unlike others like Kiva it will be US Business, and US Emergency loans to help us all to Recover!

We are looking for Media Leas-ion as well as
Web Development and Graphic Animated Designer and
A Marketing and Anslystics Director

All these Job each Hold seats for Board of Directors

If you are Interested in a Position it will be up to 6 Months on no to low Salary to get growing However all Positions are Equal Salaries as Fair but not like many other Orgs which pay 100,000++ a year its about helping everyone live financially stable and doing something that changes you, and the world!


Thank You,
Jason Garner Founder

Phone: 9099990825